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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance! The data you pass to any entity should be transparent about the personal data such as why they collect it, how they collect it, and how they share it. Also, you must understand your rights and choices regarding processing, access, correction, and deletion of personal data about you.

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General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25th 2018 and it governs how data about individuals must be processed and stored. At its core, GDPR is a new set of rules designed to give citizens more control over their personal data. Its purpose is to simplify the regulatory environment for business so both citizens and businesses can fully benefit from the digital economy.


TSL is committed to GDPR compliance. We have closely studied the prerequisites of the GDPR, and TSL’s engineering, product, security, and legal teams have been at work to line up our procedures, documentation, contracts, and services to support compliance with the GDPR. We also support our customers with their GDPR compliance journey with our strong foundation of certified security and privacy controls by design.

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Legitimate Interests and GDPR

In a B2B context, a commercial interest (intending to sell a product or service) is a valid legitimate interest under the GDPR. The direct marketing is legal, as long as, it is for businesses to market to individuals at other businesses by post, by email, by text and by phone (as long as the number is not registered with the CTPS).

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