First essential steps for creating a Content Strategy that works!

We primarily spend time online to consume content. We consume content through blogs, videos, social media, websites, and many other sources and channels… The form of content may vary, but the need remains the same. This need is driving marketing organizations to create and distribute content that can attract, engage and bring their audience back for more.

So, how do you define the right content for the right audience? How do you give out the most palatable content for an audience that is already spoilt for choice & options? It all comes down to setting clear goals for your content strategy and distributing it across the right channels at the right time.

Here are some pointers that you may want to consider when starting out with your content strategy-

Define your goals-

For effective content outreach, starting out with a clear definition of goals is imperative. A clear understanding of your business goals and your target audience can set the base for building your content strategy. Your goals to create and share content may vary from driving traffic to your website, generating leads, engaging users on social media or any other. Therefore, a clear definition of goals can help cut through the noise and create only that which hits the nail on the head!

Know your Buyer Persona-

Knowing and defining your consumers (Buyer Persona) is an essential first step to creating relevant content. A clear perspective, of who it is that you are creating content for and aligning it with your business goals, can deliver tangible and intangible results. Knowing your audience can help you determine the type of content, the form of content and the channels that you plan to use to publish your content.

Scheduling and distributing content on time, every time-

Your strategy can work only with consistent efforts and delivering the right content at the right time. This may not sound as important as something like ‘SEO’ or relevance of content, but as a matter of fact, it is! How ‘regularly’ you deliver ‘relevant’ content helps establish your brand image and also establishes your commitment to reach out to your audience.

Thus, delighting your audience with meaningful, relevant and timely content is possible with the right content strategy. Hope this piece helps you take a step back and think through your understanding of the audience profile and thereby, your content strategy.

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