The Distinctions of TSL’s SaaS Marketing Strategies

Meeting your SaaS sales objectives with respect to annual and monthly recurring revenue (ARR and MRR) is where TSL can play a pivotal role. We work towards rigorously enhancing your active user base.

TSL has worked with global B2B SaaS leaders over the past several years. We specialize in just the right positioning of SaaS platforms in the wide audience and applications landscape, maximizing footfalls, consistent customer acquisition and retention for your SaaS platform. We target the ideal customer persona and reinforce your brand credibility with our proven consultative selling approach and ensuring long-term subscriptions with high user-density accounts. 

We have experience helping our customers in various competitive environments, such as one with a highly segmented customer base, or one where the market has several low-cost options that might not necessarily be the most suitable ones. Furthermore, we work on minimizing your gross churn rate (GCR) and maximizing your renewal rate to ensure customer retention. Above all, we reinforce your brand credibility in our outbound measures by assurance of delivering value and mitigating perceived risks associated with a new software solution.

Scaling Sales with TSL

Our two decades of rich experience in consultative marketing and sales in the B2B technology industry enables us to pitch on behalf of our customers with impactful scripts, FAQs and comparative analysis. Moreover, our sales teams are well-trained in appointment setting to give you the floor once we have nurtured a prospect aptly.

TSL’s expertise in inside sales and targeting the right customer persona ensures a positive net churn by us continually nurturing existing customers and building a sustained funnel for new customer sign-ups.

One of our strong suits is digital marketing, which includes targeted personalized email marketing campaigns, data-driven lead generation campaigns, content syndication and social media drives.  

TSL’s edge in Tech-Marketing

TSL has positioned itself as one of the leading Tech-Marketing and Sales processing companies, extending its services in India and North America regions. Our Growth Marketing strategies in the IT & Tech-Marketing spheres have helped many of our global tech customers in product launch campaigns as well as upselling and cross-selling their offerings extensively. We provide a full range of marketing services and business strategies to increase market share and market reach.

Let’s start with an introductory call to find out how TSL can build and accelerate your sales funnels for cloud-based SaaS services.

Mail us at smohite@tslmarketing.com or call our SaaS Marketing Expert at +91 9529286060

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