White Paper and Content Syndication as SEO practice

In the current era, we are flooded with information on a daily basis. It is quite tedious to carve out subject-centric information from a vast knowledge base. Content syndication, being a collaborative approach, works well to draw online traction.  There can be different formats, like web-link addresses, blogs, PDF reports and other formats of details and figures with topic-specific articles. 

It simply gives an expansive reach to your brand. One essential way of getting noticed is publishing facts and statistics on the latest trends in your industry, on other knowledge-based portals. The crux lies in becoming a potent and conversant source of information. This will have natural results, like increased virtual footfall on your web pages.  

How do you Syndicate Content effectively?

Content Syndication means that the content of your webpage is produced on a 3rd party platform to have broader coverage. The content can be a backlink or be presented more artistically with snippets of a video, sliders of a presentation or just static images with pointers. A very important thing to make sure of is that the publishing platform should always give credit to the original creator. Being acknowledged on any renowned content aggregating portal is an accomplishment.  

Pre-published content can also be showcased on a publishing website with their permission.  

As mentioned, content syndication’s primary objective is to have a better reach. Which means the context of the articles needs to be relatable, valid and to the point. Your creative team must be on their toes to constantly research and be well acquainted with current trends and developments in your industry as well as related industries. It needs to be backed up with visual elements, graphical representations and statistics to augment its readability.  

Your content should be positioned with the nature and style of reports and articles posted on encyclopedia sites and other content aggregating platforms.  

The structure and sequence of your content should complement the semantic layers of your business or industry. Generic write-ups do not do the trick.  

Things like working closely with content syndication partners and re-posting on social media are good ways to start.  

Benefits of Content Syndication

One can reap definite benefits from content syndication practices. A few of them are as follows:

  1. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to attract a multitude on your website. 
  2. It boosts the brand’s presence, awareness and recall quotient to the next level.
  3. Thought leadership topics improve your brand’s credibility and strengthen your brand image. 
  4. Referral traffic can be drawn to your webpage, which is ideal as an SEO practice. 

What is White Paper?

White papers are intensive reports on a particular topic which commands attention because it not only states the trends and updates of a given field, but also illustrates the challenges and pain points of it. More importantly, it could recommend solutions and other valuable findings which might have a root cause analysis attached to it. It covers the whole topic in a multi-dimensional way without any bias.  

White Paper reports are gaining massive popularity as they educate the audience, who are seeking uncluttered and latest information about the nitty-gritties of a given subject. 

The role of White Papers in Content Syndication

White Papers are favourable for B2B content strategies overall. However, in syndication practices, it can be an integral part. 85% of B2B marketers resort to white paper syndication as a part of their content strategy. White Papers are not a tool to promote your brand directly. It is used with a long-term perspective in mind. It has an underlying goal of drawing quality traffic to a website. 

If White Papers can draw quality traffic through quality content and optimum brand awareness, it can indeed attract organic traction from high potential buyers. As mentioned, the right choice of Syndication Networks, chalking out the right target personas and structuring the right content on a regular basis is the key to White Paper and Content Syndication Success.  

The crux of the matter

  • When you start uploading and re-publishing pertinent information on your industry trends which are backed up by elaborate reports, you become a knowledge repository for referrals. If you are seen as a reliable reference center for any industry-based information, you start re-tracking your organic traffic in a very innovative way.
  • Brands like Salesforce, Forbes etc. know this too well that by positioning yourself as a data and knowledge driven company you elevate your brand image by leaps and bounds.
  • Don’t stay behind in this race 

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