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Think of something and it pops out exactly as you wished it to be! But is it the replica of what you have thought about? Well, that seems doubtful. One’s expectations are beyond others’ imagination.  Considering that one needs to explain his thought process to bring out things as gracefully as expected. And to explain our thought process time and effort need to be invested which is lacking in our life these days, so people are switching from long-tail keywords to generic keywords. In short, they just want Google to know everything without elucidating what they are searching for. Poor Google!

I pity the digital marketers who are these days expected to study the customer needs, keeping their unexplained expectations in mind and increase the amount of traffic on the website. “Customer being the king of the market”. Let’s take the example of Sam who wants to buy a smartwatch. However, guess what he’s going to Google – “Smartwatch”. By giving Mr. Google the brand specifications or the price range, he would have made it easier for him to reach his specifications. But likewise, he did not. “N” number of smartwatches with numerous brands and at varied prices will be displayed for Sam to filter out things as per his choice & affordability. Digital marketers find this a challenge as well whether the search is regarding the purchasing, selling, or designing a smartwatch.

Here comes the intent search (user intent) where the intentions of the users are identified and categorized as what an online user intended or desired to find when they typed their search terms into an online web search engine for search engine optimization or conversion rate optimization. To increase their search engine ranking, digital marketers are expected to optimize their content for mobile and laptop computers, especially mobile optimization, since almost everyone accesses the internet through a mobile device rather than a laptop. So time, device, and location are all these things digital marketers need to consider when optimizing web pages. 

To begin with, search intent optimization starts with the most common intent the customers typically have and builds from there. It is ok to focus on more than one type of search intent, but better to do it with different pages on the website. The temptation to make the website fit every intent means that the search engines can’t determine what makes the site valuable.

These might seem like simple ideas, but it’s very easy to miss the intent of the customers. Although humans know what they want when they search, the search engines still need to categorize by intent.

The marketers not only face the challenge of increasing the traffic on the website of the client but also keep in mind the possible expectations of the prospective customers. Because of the ever-increasing wants of the customers and habit of searching for uniqueness is giving tough time to marketers. If we get to walk into memory lane earlier people used to make elaborated research, to search for a smartwatch they would long-tailed keywords but now they consider their search engine to be as smart as their smartwatches to understand their intent without an elaborated explanation. This led to the usage of generic keywords and brought in the concept of organic search and ranking, increasing the competition among the brands in these digital platforms based on the keyword search by the prospective customers.

Marketers are not only working on the list of the keywords but also studying the keywords for the search engine to make the surfing of the keywords more impactful, hence increasing the traffic. They analyze the level of difficulty and search volume of those keywords so as to track the response from the customers. This is not only difficult but also becoming challenging for the digital marketers and if digital marketers once match the website to meet customers’ intents, this puts them well ahead of the competition.

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