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A trump card for B2B marketers

‘Sentiment’ is a term that is seldom associated with B2B. As a rule, the B2B buying process steps are governed

You as a brand, the person behind your business!

An individual himself is a story, and with enough credibility and authority, his opinions and insights can prove to be

Should PPC be a part of every organization’s digital marketing plan?

It is undeniable that PPC campaigns if executed correctly can be profitable. And as a growing brand, you need higher

Caution: You might be losing leads because of a dated and jaded website!

One of our clients gave me a call to appreciate the social media campaign we executed for them in the

Illustrations – A wise investment in your design

Today I was clearing up my MS Outlook inbox, and my sight was caught by these bright colored (Pink, yellow,

Why does SEO require so much patience?

Often, the clients I work with have approached me with the same concern – why can’t they expect a boost

Choosing the right KPIs for your digital marketing campaign

Usually, while I am planning a digital marketing approach, especially with a client who is new to the field, I

Recognizing the fine line between sales and marketing in the digital world

As a digital marketing manager, I have often struggled to convince my clients about the quality of content creation, fundamentally

Social Media – An easy way to appear as a spammer!

Spam, which is generally related to the emails, has now rooted itself in social media. The unwanted and irrelevant load

Maximizing your channel partners’ mindshare

Even in a channel eco-system working with partners, OEMs tend to focus on increasing their brand visibility and achieving the