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Boost your ROAS with TSL’s Proven Tech-B2B Advertising Strategies 

Return on Ad spend (ROAS) encapsulates many aspects that need to be factored in while calculating actual returns from advertising campaigns. There are costs like digital partner fee, keyword bidding cost, ad bidding cost, training cost of the sales team, general overheads etc. A very important cost component in B2B advertising is time. 

TSL strives to attain ad campaign objectives within a specified period with cost-efficient strategies for higher returns. Our proven advertising methods capitalize on our target contact data, retargeting techniques and ideal company profiling capabilities. 

Aligning with your campaign goals of awareness, consideration or conversions, we build ad strategy blueprints, keeping pace with the latest marketing trends. We build campaigns to promote communication, engagement and interactivity. With the help of cookies and AI algorithms, we track user behaviour and predict buying preferences. 

We use practiced programmatic advertising methods to map your ad budget, trace the best ad bid and plan an ad schedule. This improves the efficiency of the ad buying process and the effectiveness of ad strategies.  

TSL’s Unparalleled Ad Targeting Techniques

With our predominant presence for over 2 decades, we possess a complete understanding of the technology business domains of start-ups, SMBs or large enterprises. 

When driving conversions, we specialize in downstream go-to-market advertising strategies, prioritizing quicker ad conversions by targeting high-potential accounts.  

We position your brand as a thought leader, with hyper-personalized content and subject-matter expertise to the ideal buyer persona in the chosen market.  

Functional tests and strategic evaluations for ad targeting

  • AS-IS and Should-Be analysis 
  • Gap analysis 
  • Data-driven actionable insights for assessment 
  • KPIs and key success metrics formulation 
  • A/B testing with comparative analysis 
  • User testing and buyer persona identification 
  • Personalized messaging modifications 
  • Contextual and core keyword testing 
  • Appealing graphics for optimum user experience 
  • Call to action (CTA) testing 
  • Timeline Finalization 

TSL’s Core Digital and BTL (below-the-line) advertising expertise

  • Keywords rich SEO programs  
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns  
  • Social media mileage strategies 
  • Personalized and segmented email campaigns  
  • Content syndication and whitepaper reports 
  • Website optimization and landing page development 
  • Pay-per-click display ads and video ads 
  • Audience specific native ads  
  • Persona-driven webinars and market awareness events  

Account-Based Ad Conversions, TSL’s Paramount Success Metric

Industries like B2B SaaS, Cybersecurity and IT managed services have used customer-focused SEO, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay-per-click campaigns leveraging ROAS ranging from 7% to 11%.       

We streamline advertising initiatives by delving deeper into the internal hierarchies of large strategic accounts to support effective decision-makers and linchpins of the targeted enterprises. We identify our addressable audience through behavioral data (form fills from automated campaigns).  

The personalized native ads and messaging campaigns for the addressable audience attract genuine buying interest. Furthermore, with our consultative selling expertise, we execute lead nurturing and appointment-setting measures for you to seal the deal.   

Key Takeaway from TSL’s ROAS-driven B2B advertising forte

TSL’s tech-marketing expertise has made a mark in digital brand positioning for leading IT brands in India and North America, gaining mind and wallet share of their targeted customers. 

Our most competitive edge is a full range of multidimensional ad strategies under one roof. We narrow down to the real target persona for your technical solutions, with our full-suite digital and below-the-line (BTL) strategies. Essentially, we complete the loop with adept lead tracking, nurturing and progression to push each prospect forward to make the purchase.  

This is the major ingredient to amplify your ROAS with tangible targets and timeline-driven campaigns.  

Let’s connect over an introductory call to discuss how TSL can help you gain maximum mileage with your advertising initiatives.  

Call +91 9529286060 or write to us at smohite@tslmarketing.com 

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