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The Wins of TSL’s Channel Co-Marketing Expertise 

The Wins of TSL’s Channel Marketing Services

TSL works as your extended marketing arm towards recruiting, on-boarding, enabling and developing your partnership ecosystem to take on wider opportunities with the breadth and depth that the market offers. With our Channel Marketing capabilities, we position ourselves as Key Account Managers to improve your Channel Sales Funnels. With a 360-degree approach, we take charge of partner selection, activation and partner performance systems. In addition, we manage and mobilize the marketing budgets with proper fund allocations to your distribution channels. Furthermore, we ensure planned usage and implementation of the Channel Market Fund (CMF).  

TSL’s Channel Marketing for Global Tech OEMs

Our channel development and enrichment services span across every level of the distribution channel from National and Regional Distributors to Territoryspecific Business Partners, ValueAdded Re-sellers, System Integrators and Region-specific Partners. We lead your distribution channel from the front and strive to shorten the Sales Cycle Times for you and your channel partners.  

Key Value Propositions of our Partnership Marketing Model 

a) Objectively Drive Market Investments: We take charge of allocating, monitoring and optimizing CMF budgets. As an IT Organization, you can focus on your strategic growth plans without worrying about implementation of your channel marketing fund, as we give you detailed reports on fund assignment, consumption, and marketing drive effectiveness. 

Tangible (RoCMI): In addition to other returns, the most tangible Return on Channel Marketing Investment (RoCMI) is enhanced volume and value of the Top of the Funnel (TOTF) qualified opportunities for you and your channel partners.  

b) Tangible (RoCMI) on Sales Productivity:  

  • Scaling Business volumes with channel expansion through apt profiling, recruitment and enablement 
  • Higher rotations with quicker Sales Cycle times & consistent market push & pull campaigns 
  • Partner Enrichment wins their Wallet Share, which results in higher sales volumes 
  • Leverages larger coverage of consumer markets through higher retail sales volumes  

c) Intangible perks of our B2B Partner Marketing Services 

  • Broader Brand Visibility and Differentiation  
  • Providing wider reach and accessibility 
  • Mind Share of partners who become the flag-bearers for your brand 
  • Brings transparency and convenience which percolates down till Retailer 
  • Garners competition’s product knowledge, market intelligence & pricing schemes 
  • Interjection of a channel marketer at every level of the channel wins trust holistically 

The Partnership Enrichment Process

TSL’s expertise is in making your channel partners invested with your brand and become the ambassadors for it. We start with strategy conceptualization with each partner, drive brand training workshops, create joint business plans, and brainstorm with distributors and partners to create a formidable battle framework. We bring our years of experience in channel, digital and outreach strategies to create tangible long-term opportunities. We equip partners with sales tools and finalize key deliverables & success metrics. All these complexities of the channel development process require adept understanding of the product and competition’s strategies, Moreover, profound skill set on co-marketing strategies are needed

Why choose TSL as your Channel Marketing Partner?

TSL comes with over 15 years of experience in downstream traditional and digital marketing strategies for quick sales and we simultaneously actuate long-term business goals. As an integrated marketing services company, we use apt methods to drive sales, be it through our conventional or digital expertise. With our lead generation, nurturing and progression capabilities, we combine forces with the Channel Affiliates to achieve higher sales volume and optimize the overall distribution channel.  

Call us on +91 9529286060 to know how TSL enriches your distribution channels or mail us at smohite@tslmarketing.com 

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