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Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) as Writers: Is it Feasible?

SMEs do play a pivotal role in creating effective content.They add the expertise and value to content that helps businesses

When and why should businesses consider re-branding?

Congratulations! You have made a mark in the industry with years of hard work. People recognize you instantly for what

Short form vs Long form Content : The Eternal Dilemma

My colleague and I had a healthy argument on one of our content campaigns. Bone of contention – should we

Bridging the communication gap between sales and marketing

Bridging the communication gap between sales and marketing Does this scenario sound familiar to you – your marketing team sent

A trump card for B2B marketers

‘Sentiment’ is a term that is seldom associated with B2B. As a rule, the B2B buying process is governed by

You as a brand, the person behind your business!

An individual himself is a story, and with enough credibility and authority, his opinions and insights can prove to be

Should PPC be a part of every organization’s digital marketing plan?

It is undeniable that PPC campaigns, if executed correctly, can be profitable. And, as a growing brand you need higher

Caution: You might be losing leads because of a dated and jaded website!

One of our clients gave me a call to appreciate the social media campaign we executed for them in the

Illustrations – A wise investment in your design

Today I was clearing up my MS Outlook inbox, and my sight was caught by these bright colored (Pink, yellow,

How to decide the frequency of publishing your content?

How many times should I publish the content? Is once a week enough or should I post it every day?