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    Want to write a compelling sales proposal?

    A Sales proposal is a direct reflection of a company’s depth of maturity. We can even claim that it is

    Measuring the impact and value of content in 2021

    Are you confident that the metrics you are using for tracking your content performance reflect the expected achievement of your

    Future of B2B buying decision process

    With the changing dynamics in the B2B purchase decision process, it has not only become harder to sell, but also

    Engaging the C-suite through LinkedIn and thought leadership

    The presence of C-suite executives of small and large enterprises alike is stamped all over the social media, especially LinkedIn.

    Differentiation through B2B customer experience

    With countless solutions and sellers available online, and customers equipped to research for themselves, the predominant question in their mind

    Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) as Writers: Is it Feasible?

    SMEs do play a pivotal role in creating effective content.They add the expertise and value to content that helps businesses

    When and why should businesses consider re-branding?

    Congratulations! You have made a mark in the industry with years of hard work. People recognize you instantly for what

    Short form vs Long form Content : The Eternal Dilemma

    My colleague and I had a healthy argument on one of our content campaigns. Bone of contention – should we

    Bridging the communication gap between sales and marketing

    Does this scenario sound familiar to you – your marketing team sent over-qualified leads to the sales team, but very

    A trump card for B2B marketers

    ‘Sentiment’ is a term that is seldom associated with B2B. As a rule, the B2B buying process steps are governed