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Recognizing the fine line between sales and marketing in the digital world

As a digital marketing manager, I have often struggled to convince my clients about the quality of content creation, fundamentally

Why do warm leads go cold?

Why do only 2-3 out of 10 qualified leads go to closure? Why do seemingly warm leads wither away? Lead

Social Media – An easy way to appear as a spammer!

Spam, which is generally related to the emails, has now rooted itself in social media. The unwanted and irrelevant load

Do you run out of ideas for writing blogs?

Every business, every content maketer has established that they need blogs to not just increase website traffic, but also to

Maximizing your channel partners’ mindshare

Even in a channel eco-system working with partners, OEMs tend to focus on increasing their brand visibility and achieving the

Decoding Search Engine Algorithms: The non-technical way

The significance of a website is unquestionable as it is your Virtual Office. It is the axle around which your

Are you giving your website its due credit?

B2B marketers continually focus, and all for the right reasons, on improving their social media accounts and presence to establish

Social Selling is not about Selling

There are no two minds about Social Selling in the B2B space. The question is why are some converting better,

Does your content reflect subject matter expertise?

Content – the mighty pillar that bears the weight of your digital marketing endeavors. Every B2B marketer knows the importance

Do you see the silver lining?

When the CV situation dust settles down, hopefully in a few weeks, the B2B world will have evolved a new